Ecofrost is an agri-focused company creating solutions to overcome problems in cold chain infrastructure. The company envisions to disrupt the current state of food supply chain in India by empowering farmers, mandi owners and mobile cold chain players with clean technology for a sustainable future. Read more about us here.


Food crops need optimum storage conditions, specially in terms of temperature, humidity and air composition. Failure to meet this need leads to low shelf life of crops. We tackle this problem by our noble idea of micro Cold Storage. Our system is powered by unique power system, refrigeration system and control systems design. Our human centered design approach makes the system more reliable and well-suited to user demands.

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The Need

India loses 30-40% of it food produce because of lack of cold storage facilities. A substantial portion of rural India has either no access or erratic supply of electricity making it impossible to create storage infrastructure to meet the need. Our micro Cold Storage is to the rescue.

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